Pipe Repairs

Using modern trenchless techniques we can repair pipes with resin impregnated relining or point / patch repairs for localised breaks or fractures.  For more heavy duty relining we have a large network of service providers who can help us to help you.

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Some problems found in pipes can be repaired with a spot repair also called a point repair or patch repair. To do this a liner is installed over the problem area inside the pipe and then cured.

This type of repair is suitable for areas where the client does not wish to dig up the sewer and replace the pipe. It only takes a couple of hours to complete a repair and no site restoration is needed as would be necessary for a dig and replace project. We use Patch Box Point Repair Systems for our point repairs providing:


• Ease of installation 
• Variety of Diameter and Lengths for Repair 
• Permanent Repair 
• Structural Repair 
• Minimal inconvenience to the public/traffic 
• No digging requires 
• Stronger than original pipe 
• Bonds to wet and dry surfaces 
• Seals infiltration 


Patch box pipe repair has been installed for many years to great success both locally and overseas.

Many hundreds of high quality installations have now been carried out locally by appointed installers. I.C Pipes Pty Ltd has been given installation rights from our Australian distributor.

The Patch box pipe repair offers a structural repair to pipes, developed with 50 year design life, guaranteed to withstand all chemicals commonly found in waste water and sewer pipes.

The SR Waterglass silicate resin used out-perform traditional resins in terms of substrate bonding, tensile strength and chemical resistance. The resin is 100% solid, making it both user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

630/450/1/R1 Fiberglass is a chemically resistant E-glass, designed to offer maximum strength to the composite.


See the above video for our step by step process of fixing most damaged pipes.

The process is very reliable and cost effective compared to replacing the entire section of piping.

Click here to download the IC Pipes Pipe Repair Methodology